Cuddle Submarine Plush Toy with Photo Porthole


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The Cuddle Sub is an exclusive to 16Submarines. It’s velvety soft for baby, and playfully designed for an older child, but cute enough for a grown up- just try not to hug it! Support your family member's understanding of where their beloved submariner is when deployed or underway. This cuddly plush toy has a clear porthole window on each side to place a photo of your submariner, as well as a secret velco hatch to store the optional Custom Recording Module or other treasures. It's cozy grey hues look like an actual submarine, helping your child visualize their parent serving under the sea. The Cuddle Sub is a cute accessory for a nursery or bed, but also a visual coping tool for any member of a submarine family. The Cuddle Sub is 100% Made in the USA. Size: 11.5" x 5" x 9". Want to hear the sound of your deployed submariner's voice? Add the optional Custom Recording Module. 

Design Features:  

  • Records messages up to 60 seconds.
  • Re-record your message up to 300 times.
  • Plays up to 300 times.

Recording Instructions:

  1. Remove recording module from inside Cuddle Sub pouch and sea bag.
  2. Remove clear plastic key if shown under battery to begin.
  3. Locate 2 black buttons with red wires. Hold down both buttons at the same time and record your message (red light will be on while recording).
  4. Locate 1 black button with black wire on other side of recording module. Press this button to play back message.
  5. If you’d like to prevent an accidental rerecording of your message, cut the two red wires attached to the recording buttons to inhibit recording over the message.
  6. Place recording module back into sea bag and Cuddle Sub pouch for safe-keeping.
  7. Please treat your Sound Module with care and leave it safely in its sea bag to prevent accidental loss of recording.
  8. Squeeze your Cuddle Sub to play the recording and enjoy!


All sound modules are tested prior to shipping by the manufacturer to guarantee workability. If problems should occur, the manufacturer will replace or exchange any non-working modules returned within 30 days. Refunds not accepted.